LMYFA Volunteer Information

LMYFA depends 100% on volunteers to function. We have many needs for volunteers throughout the year. Here are some of the ways volunteers support this organization:
Staffs for each team can include a head coach, assistant coaches, team parent(s), and equipment managers.

If you are interested in supporting a team in one of these positions, please complete a volunteer application form and mail it along with a photocopy of your drivers license to: LMYFA, P.O. Box 951901, Lake Mary, FL 32795-1901. 

Download 2017 Volunteer Application (requires Excel)

During the season we request that all parents/guardians volunteer some time for LMYFA. There are two specific events that we request this help for:

  • Assist with the Clean-up Day at Lake Mary High School. During this day LMYFA volunteers arrive at the Lake Mary High School stadium with rakes, brooms, edgers, hedge trimmers, paint brushes and all sorts of other equipment. Our goal is to spruce up the stadium and get it ready for the upcoming events. It is one way for LMYFA to say, "thank you" to LMHS and we need all the help we can get!
  • Parents staff the concession stand and spirit tent during home games. Each team is assigned a day to provide volunteers to help (you'll only need to work for a couple of hours).